How To block Text Messages On Iphone?

iPhone has been the fastest earning phone today. Its innovation has come to different forms that lead to their success.

The iPhone of Apple allows you to stream down the internet, make calls, take pictures and send messages. The short messages, or SMS, can be delivered instantly by just clicking send’ button.

Although the creation of iPhone has been a hit, we still can’t say that iPhone remains in perfect condition. A lot of people started to spam messages. Spam messages are annoying texts which are sent repetitively. It is very infuriating to receive spam texts from someone and you are not intended to reply at all. Fortunately, Apple has implemented security features for iPhone. The features are strongly implemented in iPad and iPod Touch as well. By this, the users will gain more control over their privacy concerns. The idea is to block specific numbers from sending you regular text messages or SMS.

For this article, we will discuss several methods that you can do to block SMS on iPhone. We will use a built-in Block feature contacts to allow you to block phone numbers. Doing this will disable the number to block them from calling and sending text messages from you. The good thing about this is that you can do it without downloading some of the third-party applications you can find at the app store today. You don’t need to connect your iPhone to a computer to do it. The tutorial is as follows:

1. Go to stock Phone app
2. Go to Contacts Menu
3. Pick the number you want to block
4. Notice the “Block this Caller” that will be seen at the bottom. This is the last option of the page
5. A confirmation pop-up will appear and you can choose Block Contact again

By choosing Block Contact button (for example iPhone 6) from the confirmation pop up, you will not be entitled to receive messages or phone calls of any notification from Facebook while the number is in the block list. The number will not disappear. Hence, the number will remain in your contact and will continue to display under your contact lists. In this way, users can freely come back to unblock a certain phone number from your contacts as this is most important ever as far as it is well concerned.

To unblock the certain phone number from your contacts, simply follow the same step in blocking the number. The other blocking can also be done. Blocking unwanted or Spam messages from unknown people on iPhone can also be done. The first method works well for people on your contact lists. However, blocking unwanted text messages can be tough. The great thing about this is that it is possible.

We all hate spams on our phone. Nobody wants to read repetitive messages from a spammer. These spammers have do effects. Thus, those spammers and advertising agencies who are giving different promotions from people and other offers for their product also generate numbers to text. Apple has found out a solution for this as we can block them from our iPhone too.

1. Go to your Messages app
2. Choose the message from your iPhone which you can see from the spammer
3. Choose the details on the right-hand corner of your screen
4. From there, you will see a phone icon and an alphabet letter “i” icon right from the corner of the number. Just simply tap the “i” button to continue
5. Scroll down using your hand into the button of the screen and you can tap Block this Caller.

You can also contact your carrier to block Phone spams. They have Spam tools that can help you. The two methods discussed in this article is truly effective if you can to block messages on Facebook. It works relatively well for all the users. Nevertheless, if you still receive spams over different numbers, again and again, the best thing you can do is t contact your carrier.

Receiving text messages from different spammers is what we all hate. The good thing about this is that it can be solved by just following instructions stated above. Wireless carriers like Verizon which is considered popular nowadays. Alongside with Verizon is AT&T, and T-Mobile which has phone spam tools that you can use as well. The wireless Carrier’s tool will allow you to add an email address that can be used to send text messages. You can also use this tool to enter a specific number that you want to block as this is also something important to everyone.

All you have to do is go to your account’s online portal. From there, you can pay your bills, check, see your mobile data, and more. You can check everything in there as there should have an option where you can sign up and generate your own block list. Doing this is so easy and convenient to all users of iPhone. Imagine the ease of use if you do this! You can avoid repetitive spam forever!

Spam Controls have been invented to help users get away from receiving text messages from different companies or spammers. Advertisement and other spams texts can be blocked by using Spam Controls. Spam Controls enable you to block unwanted messages. There are two Spams you can do:

1) Call & Message Blocking, and

2) Internet Spam Controls. For carriers, Verizon Wireless provides these free features to blocking certain phone numbers and internet addresses from contacting you.

Spam is considered an unsolicited commercial advertisement.

Everyone hates receiving them which is why Apple and other carriers have come up with a solution. Aside from its annoying texts, spam messages can also link to a virus or malicious software (or MalWare) on our iPhones. Perhaps the most effective thing to handle spams is to block it and to never respond to the phone number. You should also avoid from clicking the links to the messages so you could compromise your personal information and your own device.

A lot of carriers use sophisticated anti-spamming software to protect the users from spammers. Text messaging is the easiest way to communicate but unsolicited text message spams are truly unacceptable. According to the court, Companies or individuals who send unsolicited text messages violate Federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act because of using “auto-dialing”. It is completely unallowed so next time you spam someone, make sure you know this law!

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