How To retrieve blocked messages on iphone?

iPhone is a great device that has gained popularity is most parts of the world. With iPhone, you can do many things such as sending messages and making phone calls. However, in some cases, you may receive unwanted text messages on your iPhone. In this case, you will be forced to block some individuals such that you will never see their text messages on your phone again. However, you might mistakenly block some people, and you will fail to receive their text messages again. Is there any way on How to retrieve blocked messages on iphone?

Can you see the blocked messages on your iPhone?

Some old Smartphone allows you to see the blocked upcoming info once you open the blocking list. However, you have no chance of seeing the frozen messages on your iPhone. Perhaps, you will be prompted to retrieve blocked informations when you receive complaints from the people you accidentally stopped their messages.

Tips for successful retrieval of blocked messages on iPhone

In most cases, the frozen messages are automatically deleted on your iPhone. Therefore, you have to be sure that the deleted texts will not be overwritten by new info text or other data. Here are tips to ensure that you get started for successful retrieval of blocked informations on your iPhone. The first is to ensure that you don’t become a victim to the fake data recovery software that claims to retrieve the data on your iPhone. Such software can infect your iPhone with viruses and malware.

How to safely retrieve blocked sms

There is a couple of reliable software for retrieving the blocked memos on your iPhone. EaseUS MobileSaver is one of the most effective software to accomplish the task. This is powerful iOS data recovery software available for iOS devices. In fact, this software has helped many iPhone users recover vital data including text messages, contacts, videos, music, contacts, etc. once you have downloaded EaseUS Mobilesaver on your iPhone, you will be on the right track to recovering your blocked messages. All you need is to follow these three easy steps and recover your precious texts messages on your iPhone.

Step 1

Launch the EaseUS MobileSaver software on your PC and then connect it iPhone to it. On the software’s interface, select “Recover from iOS Device.” Then click the “start” button.

Step 2

Scan your iPhone data and wait patiently until all your data is displayed. This is done after the scanning has been finished. This task can take a while depending on the size on the data on your iPhone device.

Step 3

Preview and then export the data from your iPhone to the PC. On the left side of the software interface, click the file type to preview the found files. Click “Recover” button, Once you have chosen the files you wish to recover In this case, you can select the text messages files. Save these files on your computer so that you can view them later.


In some cases, you might accidentally block some people so that that you will no longer see their text messages. These simple steps on How to retrieve blocked messages on iphone become very handy.

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