how to unblock contacts on iphone

You can effortlessly block or unblock contacts, calls, messages and even emails using your iOS (iPhone or iPad). There are various ways of blocking available for iPhone users including;

Block message – Blocks all iMessages, PXT and TXT messages from being received

Block calls – Includes voice calls and FaceTime calls

Block emails – Although this option is available, it does not necessarily block sent emails

When you block someone on your iPhone, you will not receive any notifications of attempts to send a message or call. The sender will also not be aware of the block and their calls will simply ring out. Once someone is blocked, the contact will be added to a block list and you must then unrelease them to allow future communication. It is important to note that you will still be able to send messages or call contacts that you have stopped.

Here is how to unblock contacts on iPhone

Follow these simple steps:

1. Go to the Phone app and select the contact. This should be a personal info that you have previously stopped.
2. Scroll to the bottom of the window that opens and click on “Unblock this Caller”.

3. This should be able to unrelease the contact and allow future call notifications

This procedure is only possible for info that are saved on your phonebook. If you blocked a number that is not saved, you will not be able to retrieve it from the contacts list. One method is by first creating the contact on your phonebook and saving it. You can then access and unblock the contact using the above steps.

Alternatively, you can removing them (info of your potential people to delete) from the iOS block list. Instead of creating a new contact on your phone, simply find the people and remove the specific number from that list.

To achieve this, follow these steps

a) From you iPhone’s home screen, launch the Settings app

b) Tap on any of these (FaceTime, Phone or Messages). Choosing any will work so there is no need to repeat the process for all three.

c) Scroll to the bottom and tap on Blocked. This will open a new window containing all the contacts you have blocked. Red buttons should appear on the left side of each blocked user.

d) Tap the red button close to the blocked contact or email you intend to unblock

e) On the next window, an option to “Unblock” the user will appear. Tap on the Unblock tab to remove the user from iOS blocked list

f) This should be able to allow future calls and communication from that user.

The same procedure can be used for different iOS gadgets including iPads

Blocking and unblocking users on iPhone is a relatively easy task that does not require any technical knowledge. It is important to note that unblocked contacts may still appear in the blocked list but there will be no red button. This makes it easy to send previously blocked contacts back to the list. This is how to unblock contacts on iPhone.

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