how to unblock someone on iphone

An iPhone is a high-level gadget that is capable of performing many operations that a standard phone can’t. Using an iPhone is somehow complicated hence need carefully manual aid. Sometimes iPhone owners might block contacts accidentally or intentionally.

This could be as a result of keeping off from disturbing contacts. Blocking contacts accidentally either by yourself or your child can easily mess you up. The worst happens when you block a contact and lack the right procedure to unblock the contact. It could inflict stress on you and spoil your daily fun moments. During emergencies, the person you blocked could be the one having the solution to your problem. This, therefore, requires you to have the right steps to unblock your iPhone contact.

Since there are many models of iPhone being used currently, you will notice that each model might be having a different way of unblocking the blocked contacts. Some of the iPhone versions include version 4, 5, 6 and 7. All these generations have different specs and improvements have been made as the model goes up. The latest version is iPhone 7. Most people own iPhone 6, and many cases of accidental iPhone blocking have been reported. If you have been looking for the easiest ways to unblock that substantial number, then the following steps will make your iPhone 6 unblock numbers easily. There are two ways you can use to unblock the contacts. The ways are as follows.

Way 1.

Step 1
Get to your iPhone menu and select settings. A phone window will appear. Click on it to get the next options.

Step 2
Once you have clicked on the phone, a window opens under with a header as calls. On the options provided, locate a section indicated blocked. It is located on the lower side of your screen menu.

Step 3
Click or swipe the blocked section to open and find the blocked numbers. Below the blocked numbers, there is a warning sign that has a warning notification stating that, you would not be able to receive calls messages and texts from the blocked numbers. This is an indication that the said numbers are blocked. Those are the contacts that require unblocking. It could be a longer list hence requires selection of the specific contacts you want to unblock.

Step 4
From the list, you will see a highlighted unblock section. Mostly, the blocked contact is usually red in color. Click on the section ‘unblock’. Some iPhone types allow swiping to unblock. You will have unblocked the number, and you can make your calls and receive the messages with ease.

Way 2
An alternative simple way in which you can use to unblock that contact you want to use takes the following simple steps.

Step 1
Find the contacts app on your iPhone home screen and click on it

Step 2
Once all the contacts display, click on the particular contact that you blocked on your iPhone 6. This will show you the unblocking section.

Step 3
Swipe or tap the unblock section and move down the screen to unblock the contact, and your iPhone will be ready to send, receive calls and messages from the unblocked number.

With the above-given steps, you can easily unblock your contacts on your iPhone 6 and make that urgent call. It doesn’t have to stress you. The steps are straightforward and clear, and you will find it easy to operate your iPhone.
The same procedure applies to the other versions of iPhones. It takes fewer minutes to work through these steps as iPhones have designed in an easy to reach way. With less than four levels, your contacts will be back for use.

The iPhone has other applications such as the Facebook app and the WhatsApp app. All these have the distinct areas within the apps where you can block the annoying people and unblock the needed contacts. With this specification, you can get to the particular app and click on settings. You will encounter a section with blocked persons or contacts. You will apply a similar procedure to cancel the blocked contacts, and right away you will receive the contact’s communication.

Note that the real thing with this blocking and the unblocking feature is that, it offers long lasting services. For example, if a contact is always annoying you, you can easily block them, and when you find peace with yourself, you can unblock the contacts and continue with the conversations. Annoying contacts that keep on forwarding long, detailed business and marketing stuff can be blocked and later on be unblocked when you want to get some information from the particular person getting you the messages.
A section where you block phone messages from reaching you can be unblocked using the same procedure by obtaining the contact and unblocking a section indicated blocked messages.

With an iPhone, you have the freedom to block any part you want, e.g., you can block messages, WhatsApp contacts, Facebook contacts with ease. Unlike other phone brands where once you block someone, it causes a permanent blocking of all other channels. This is why the iPhone will have several procedures on how to unblock a blocked contact.

Why block and unblock contacts on your iPhone

Blocking contacts in your iPhone could be as a result of a personal reason.When blocking a number, get the right procedure as it can help you when unblocking. Contacts that send you strange messages can be blocked. Numbers that give you strange call can also be blocked. Additionally, your iPhone can be able to block random messages from sales personnel. It’s not wrong to prevent the contacts. As long as it gives you a peace of mind, you can prevent as many contacts as you can and later on if you consi8ider using them, you can unblock the contacts.

All iPhone users happen to have strong security features and ease of detecting strange phone calls. To prevent your system hacks, you can opt for this blocking and unblocking mechanism. Temporal blocking is also available, and you can use this feature to pause communication to that contact that is causing you trouble.

In conclusion, unblocking a contact in your iPhone gadgets is an easy procedure that once practiced can be applied without necessarily getting through the steps. It’s the shortest way to do away with unwanted calls from your enemies, ex lovers and stalkers.

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