how to unlock android phone without google account

It’s quite hard when we have to unlock our Android Phone. One of the simplest ways to deal with this is to unlock your Android phone with your Google account. However, problem arises when our phone is not connected to a WiFi network or our data plan. We cannot get our gadgets’ settings menu because we cannot connect to the internet to have our Google’s unlock process as far as it is well concerned.

Fortunately, there is a toolkit for this one. Your Android Lock Screen Removal tool will be convenient and help you bypass your Android’s pattern lock without using your Google Account. You don’t need to be an expert for this as the steps are quite easy to follow. With just few clicks, you can access everything through your phone. To give you further knowledge, here are the steps how to unlock your android phone without using your Google account:

1. Make sure your Android Phone is connected to simple launch the toolkit.
2. Click Lock Screen Removal and allow it to run
3. Connect your Android phone to your computer using a USB cable; click start when done
4. Make sure you are in Download mode
5. Once done, turn your Android phone off then hold the down Volume key together with the power button.
6. After seeing the result, press the Volume Up to toggle and go to Download Mode
7. Download your recovery package because it will start to download the recovery package automatically
8. Remove Android Lock screen after downloading the recovery data. The toolkit will remove the lock screen
9. You can now enter your Android Phone without losing data.
10. The process is now complete by testing if you can now use your

Android phone without entering password

The toolkit is a solution to people who are struggling to open their devices without Google. The toolkit, dr.fone, is very effective for everyone. The step by step solution can also be done with an ease. For Android, there are also gadgets that can have 4 screen lock types: 1) pattern, 2) PIN, 3)

1) pattern,

2) PIN, 3) password, and 4) fingerprint.

3) password, and 4) fingerprint.

4) fingerprint.

Perhaps the easiest to open your screen would be the fingertip scan. It is fast and efficient for all types of people. Following the instruction would be helpful if you don’t wish to do the 4 screen lock types. You will lose no data in the process and no special technology knowledge needed!

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